Different Types of Hairbrushes

You will probably no longer see the forest through the trees when you are standing in front of the shelves with brushes and combs. And which are the most suitable for your hair? We help you by putting the different types of brushes and combs in a row, so you can easily find your perfect hairbrush.

Whether you want a middle, side or angular separation, use a plastic tip comb. With the tip, you can make the most precise separations, and with the comb with fine teeth, you can tame even the smallest unruly hairs. This comb is also your most handy aid during your hair.

the wet brushThe ‘Wet Brush’ is an ideal brush, for several reasons. First, you can brush your wet hair with this hairbrush without damaging your hair. Secondly, it is also suitable for brushing fine, fragile hair. The flexible bristles brush your tangles out of your hair without breaking it.

Yes, even those with curly hair can brush their hair. With the Denman D4 Classic Styling Brush, you can brush the curls without becoming fluffy. You can use a leave-in conditioner as well.

mason pearson brushThe Mason Pearson brush is one of the king hairbrushes.  The mix of plastic and natural bristles is suitable for every hair type, and let your hair shine. Use the brush before you take a shower and before you go to bed because it is ideal for dividing the natural oils of your scalp over your hair.

With a round brush, you can make perfect blowouts. Use it when your hair is still damp for the smoothest and polished result. A round brush is also great to create extra volume in your hair.

A comb with wide teeth is handy to get tangles out of your hair. Use a hard plastic comb only on dry hair, because on wet hair it can cause your hair to break off.

the metal round brushA prominent mistake women make is to use a metal round brush to curl their hair during blow-drying. Metal becomes extremely hot from the heat of a hairdryer, and therefore your hair gets damaged quickly. Use only a metal round brush on hair that is dry for 80 percent. Then you get the most beautiful and healthiest curls.

For this type of hair, you need a basic hairbrush that does not pull on your hair so that it breaks. A paddle brush follows the contours of your hair. The flat, square shape of the brush ensures that you do not make strokes or curls in your hair, but that it stays beautiful and stylish during drying. The rubber cushion of the brush helps to reduce friction which prevents static hair.

Point combs are widely used for teasing hair, but the plastic teeth are not suitable to mistreat your hair. Better you can use a brush with hairs. You can also tease with this, but it is a lot softer for your hair. And when you’re done with backcombing you can lightly smooth your hair.

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