So you want to get into prohormones, eh?

Yeah, yeah we know…we just had a post not long ago about too many people being on steroids. But the truth is, there are some very powerful prohormones available, and if you can cycle responsibly and have a good PCT, than you are going to see massive gains in record timing.

Prohormones started way back in the 90′s, with the release of tren and epistane in RPN’s product, Havoc. So what are prohormones anyway, you ask?

Well, they’re basically steroids. Prohormones are compounds that aren’t quite anabolic in nature, but molecularly just a few conversions away from steroids once inside the body.

In other words, if they’re not ALREADY steroids, then they’re legal. Prohormones have been used by bodybuilders, pro athletes, and every other guy aiming for the perfect physique.

There are so many to choose from (especially these days), but the most famous would be:

EpistaneEpistane, or “Epi” is it is usually known, became with the release of RPN’s product, Havoc back in the early 2000′s. It is known as to help you build muscle, size and strength very rapidly.

Tren – also known as trenbolone, Tren is known as the king of all prohormones. It will turn you into a monster in all ways possible: size, strength, mass, vascularity, and all the rage you could ever want. There are endless clones of Tren: prohormones like trenavar and trenadrol for example.

halodrol-50Halodrol – Halodrol, also known as “h-drol” is a prohormone that has very little side effects, but creates amazing results for people. This will not only help you build lots of size, but also reduce your body fat at the same time. Bloat is also minimal, so there is a high quality look to the physique, making this the perfect compound to use pre contest. Halodrol has been cloned time and time again, starting with Halodrol-50 by Gaspari, to products like Halo Elite, Helladrol and even Halovar by Purus Labs.

Superdrol – Recently just banned in 2010, superdrol was undoubtedly one of the most amazing prohormones ever developed. You literally become a super human, with strength you never knew was possible and size and vascularity that would intimidate even hardest people on the street. The day it was forever discontinued was a very sad day.

Fortunately, you can get methylstenbolone, which is the new superdrol and just as powerful. Any of the prohormones above will give you the results you want and will exceed your expectations.

Plus, you can get clones of any of these compounds in many products available today. Check out the best places to get prohormones for sale.

How Long Should You Cycle a Prohormone?

Many prohormones are cycled between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the strength of the prohormone, as well as side effects. Prohormones come with a variety of side effects, so things like cycle support and a good post cycle therapy are important.

Also, the amount of time you spend cycling a prohormone will depend on how much experience you have using them.

Prohormone Side Effects

Side effects of prohormones include, but are not limited to:

Hair Loss
Loss/increase of libido
Prostate enlargement
Gyno (gynecomastia)
Water bloat
Back/shin/calf pumps
Liver stress

And many more. Always do your research on a particular prohormone before starting a cycle, so you know exactly what to expect ahead of time and can prepare.

For more information on prohormones, you can click here.

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otku9wWe ask this question only half seriously…but really, from what I’ve witnessed in dealing with a lot of people who go to the gym, steroid use has grown; and often times, it’s encouraged.

This new generation of “juice head guidos” are in fact, using too many steroids in my opinion, and really putting their health at risk to do it.

I mean really…is having a nice looking body worth the price of your health? You won’t be getting laid when you’re dead, kids.

With that said, the “grey market” steroids, prohormones, and even legitimate steroid manufacturers aren’t helping the problem.

I can get you any steroid you want. Just shout a name. With the immensity of the internet, you can practically get anything. Even prohormones these days are not only just as powerful, but are in fact more dangerous to our health. Especially the liver.

These methylated steroids (like Ultradrol) can cause serious liver damage if not taken appropriately. Ultradrol is effective, but sometimes the results are not worth what you pay in consequences. (more info on Ultradrol)

Desmond Harrington was 3yrs old when he moved to The Bronx, NY from Georgia. Desmond Harrington is an American comedian and actor, playing on TV shows like Gossip Girl.

Lately, there has been a huge controversy over Desmond Harrington and how we lost so much weight: even accusations of drug use and plastic surgery.

It’s only because he has made such a huge difference, and we got to admit, even WE were impressed. Check out Desmond Harrington weight loss picture below:


So what do you think? Is Desmond Harrington sick? Is he on the new cotton ball diet fad that everyone’s been talking about?

Not at all. Truth is, according to Desmond Harrington, he’s just been running and eating better. There’s no other secret.

What do you think? I bet the coke helps him to run longer :P

aziz_shavershianAziz Shavershian, otherwise known as ZYZZ, is an australian bodybuilder that passed away a few years ago.

To say he was very influential on his generation is an understatement. He was a personal trainer, motivator, and leader of guys during rise to fame.

He was a huge workout motivation to many guys because he was a prime example of the way life should be lived. He did what he want, travelled the world, got all the girls, and had one of the best physiques of anyone during that time.

He literally turned the bodybuilding world upside. His legacy still lives on today even though he passed away a little while go.

He spoke to every skinny kid who was frustrated the way he looks. They follow him. They say all his now pretty famous quotes like “Your mirin’?” and “You mad?” which were first heard from him. Some even go as far as to get the zyzz tattoo just like him.

Here is a before & after picture of Zyzz that we found online:


So what do you guys think? Huge role model, or bad example? After all, Zyzz did live a carefree, irrational lifestyle.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!